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Download Library

Windows programs that will open the template floor plans for customization:

With either of these Windows PC programs you can download and open the plan templates; then rearranging walls, change the room layouts, enlarge or move windows and doors, and redo a kitchen or bathroom. You can test your layouts with interior or exterior 3D views. These floor plans can be printed to scale (1/4"=1') and pasted back into the paper plans.

Note: Template files do not have the construction details or structural information of the paper plans. They are NOT complete CAD files. However, the program can export floor plans in a format that can be read by most CAD programs.

Sorry, no compatible template software exists for Mac computers.

Downloading PDF files

These files can be printed out and added to your plans without learning any new software. Many of these have been compressed into the .zip file format to speed downloads.

You probably already have software to open zip files, if not we recommend 7-zip, which you can download for free from www.7-zip.org

Click any link below to find files or to read a description of any specific file (members only). From the file description page, a single click starts the download process.

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 20' wide 1-1/2 story cottage
 16 x 28 Cottage Plan
 20x34 Universal Cottage
 20x30 Single-story Cottage
 24x34 2 story Universal w/ garage
 26'x 30' Double Shed Cabin
 Builder's Cottage
 Bolt-together House
 20' wide Universal Cottage SP
 Timber style open ceiling detail
 Solar Sunroom Greenhouse details
 20x34 Universal Cottage Reversed
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 14x24 Deep Pier Foundation plan
 Sunkit Solar tools
 Built-up Girder or Beam
 Plumbing & Electrical Notes
 Using simple CAD to do elevations
 Sketchup model 14x24 1-1/2 story
 PT Wood Basement Foundation
 3D Home Arch Quickstart Guide
 Gambrel Roof structural details
 Sunkit Solar tools
 20x34 Universal Cottage Reversed
 Grandfather Cottage
 Solar Sunroom Greenhouse details
 Solar Saltbox Addition Plans
 14x24 Deep Pier Foundation plan
 26x26 Garage w/ small Apt. above
 16 x 28 Cottage Plan
 Superinsulation Details
 12x18 Shed
 26'x 30' Double Shed Cabin
 Plan Scaler Kit
 Bolt-together House
 Removable enclosure panels
 Skid Foundation
 Loft ladder and railing
 Builder's Cottage
 20' wide Universal Cottage SP
 L-shaped Stair plan
 Dogtrot House 20x36
 Beach house 28 x 28
 Dogtrot House 18x36
 Dogtrot House 16x30