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download  *14x24 Deep Pier Foundation plan*   *14x24 Deep Pier Foundation plan*

  A cold climate pier and beam foundation plan for the Little House and Builder's Cottage.

This 2 page PDF file provides scale drawings that can be added to your plans.

download  *16 x 28 Cottage Plan*   *16 x 28 Cottage Plan*

  A tidy little one bedroom steep roofed cottage with loft and cathedral ceiling.

Includes an 8 page PDF plans booklet and the template files for 3DHA ver 3 programs.

download  *26x26 Garage w/ small Apt. above*   *26x26 Garage w/ small Apt. above*

  This is a two page PDF file with a 1/8" scale schematic design of a 2 car garage with a 1-bdrm apartment above.

download  *Builder's Cottage Update*   *Builder's Cottage Update*

  This is a one-page PDF file with an electrical plan and plumbing and electrical notes for the Builder's Cottage (14x24) plan.

download  *Built-up Girder or Beam*   *Built-up Girder or Beam*

  Easy to build beams of any length from 2x's. Use for pier foundation beams, girders and headers.

download  *Deck to house details*   *Deck to house details*

  Critical connections between a deck or porch and the main house.

Detail shows how to bolt the deck to the house so a party or freak storm doesn't end in disaster. Easily overlooked by inexperienced builders.

Scale PDF detail to paste into plans.

download  *Dormer details 20' wide plans*   *Dormer details 20' wide plans*

  A rafter framing system for the roof and information on building gable and shed roofed dormers.

download  *Gambrel Roof structural details*   *Gambrel Roof structural details*

  This scaled PDF detail shows how to build a simple gambrel roof truss to provide more usable headroom at the upper floor. Can be used for 20' and 24' structures and modified for other building widths.

download  *Loft ladder and railing*   *Loft ladder and railing*

  A good looking and easy to build loft ladder that stores away flat against the wall.

download  *L-shaped Stair plan*   *L-shaped Stair plan*

  Plan and section for larger L-shaped stair that meets new IRC stair code. Includes specifications and modification guidelines as well as suggested framing techniques. Downloads at 1/4" scale for pasting into plans.

download  *Plan Scaler Kit*   *Plan Scaler Kit*

  Print this PDF file and use a local zoom copier to bring plans from magazines, books and websites to the same scale. This allows you to combine plan ideas into custom designs. Use this kit for preliminary house planning and to get a feel for the sizes of rooms and spaces. You can determine what spaces are needed and how you will live in and use this building.

download  *Plumbing & Electrical Notes*   *Plumbing & Electrical Notes*

  An overview of how to get a handle on these two important sub-trades in your house building project.

download  *PT Wood Basement Foundation*   *PT Wood Basement Foundation*

  Details for building an all wood basement foundation.

download  *Removable enclosure panels*   *Removable enclosure panels*

  Panels with a frame cut from teak flooring. These sketches could be used for other screen and storm window panel systems.

download  *Schematic Layout sheet*   *Schematic Layout sheet*

  This is a PDF file with 1/8" scale cut outs of standard items you can move around to test a floor plan layout. These freehand drawings at a small scale keep things loose as they should be in preliminary planning.

Use this in combination with the Plan Scaler kit to do preliminary layouts and to determine the best sized plan to modify for your project.

Your selection returned: 23 items   -   Displaying Matches 1 thru 15 of 23 Found.    NEXT