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Home | Tips & Checklists
Tips & Checklists
Tips & Checklists for Building Projects

Use these quick tip articles and checklists to keep you from forgetting the big picture items when buying, planning and building.

Working with the Building Inspector
Tips for getting your building permit. How to understand, work with and even have FUN with your government agencies. HINT: it's not as painful as dental work. . . . More...
Working with Builders - the old fashioned way
Many smaller communities still have a "pre-legal" system of mutual help and trust when it comes to the building trades. This is one of the greatest aspects of working on your own home - tapping into and joining this network. . . . More...
Plans Gallery
The Gallery of owner designs and projects. . . . More...
When to use an Engineer
Using the span tables, rules of thumb, and help available from this site you can do much of the structural workup for your own building projects. So when do you need to talk to an engineer and how do . . . More...
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